Antique White Lindab Gutters - RAL 9002

White Lindab Gutter
White Lindab Gutter 2

Practical and adaptable

Lindab Rainline is the perfect choice for industrial, commercial or agricultural buildings, especially with its strength and durability, making it highly resistant to knocks and bumps, as well as vandals. All Lindab rainline products are supplied with a 15 year guarantee.

White Lindab Gutter 3
White Lindab Gutter 4

No Leakage…

Steel has an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, making it less prone than plastic to leakage. Gutter leakage is often caused by deformation during periods of hot or cold weather, but with a lindab gutter system, no sealants are required in its installation, therefore we can assure you that Lindab Rainline will provide years of leak free service. Get in touch today and place your order! 0208 810 0120