Black Lindab Gutters - RAL 9011

Black Lindab Gutter
Black Lindab Gutter Image 2

Extra durable high-build polyester paint

Lindab’s 5 layer build process begins with quality steel which is coated in zinc. A passive layer is then applied, followed by a primer layer, before finally being coated with a high build polyester paint finish, allowing the lindab rainline gutter to retain its long lasting and clean appearance. These protective processes result in an incredibly stable product finish which does not circum to attacks from wind, rain or UV, ideal for areas which frequently undergo changes in precipitation patterns.

Black Lindab Gutter Image 3
Black Lindab Gutter Image 4

Why not match gutter and roof…

The black Lindab gutter range looks fantastic when paired with our GreenCoat PLX in anthracite metallic colour, giving the appearance of a zinc roofing material, though ensuring longevity and resistance to the elements.