How to Choose The Ideal Zinc Roof


Once correctly installed Zinc is an ideal roofing material and is one of the most used materials for standing seam metal roofs. Zinc can be used on a umber of different types of roof however, in standing seam metal roofing Zinc normally requires a minimum roof pitch usually in excess of 3 degrees.

On areas that do not have this pitch Zinc roofers can utilise other Zinc sheet techniques such as batten roll. These heritage roof skill look striking and can hep achieve a roof that will last up to 100 years or more (3).jpg


Zinc for roofing or cladding in its natural form may require special pre-treatments to ensure that it is suited to its use. It is crucial that the geographical location of the project is taken into account.  Nowadays, Zincs with special protective layers that don’t detract from the appearance of the metal are often used to ensure longevity. Additional protective layers are used for Zinc in locations which suffer from harsh environmental conditions, particularity coastal locations, highly polluted areas or atmospheres with a high salt content.


Zinc Cladding

Often zinc cladding (as opposed to the roof area) requires a heavier gauge to ensure flatness and avoid ‘oil canning’ or ripple on the final appearance. Experienced \zinc roofers will ensure good technical preparation and skilled installation of the zinc roof sheets should result in an impressive appearance to the Zinc roof or cladding

Zinc roofing application uses a slightly different seam style to that of Zinc Cladding. For Zinc Cladding the metal roofer will often use an angled seam (turned once and opposed to a double lock standing seam). This helps give a flatter appearance to the Zinc sheets.

Image 006 Installer on Roof.jpg

Zinc Roof Installation

Use a skilled zinc roof installer to ensure a high end finish

Of all the numerous types of roof finish, Zinc roof installation is possibly one of the most skilled. Zinc roofers must have a good technical knowledge of Zinc a a roofing material along with a high level of artisan skill for the metal roof installation. Metal processing and handling of the Zinc coils coupled with correct folding and forming of the Zinc can take years to perfect. The Metal Roof Company can assist with your metal roof design as well as introduce you to known expert Zinc roof installers across the UK and Ireland.

Zinc to use 1.jpg

Design and final appearance

Zinc roof design will normally fall into two categories; a warm roof (unventilated) or a cold roof (ventilated). There are a number of important considerations to follow during the design process, including standing seam seam widths (distance between the standing seams), the detailing around penetrations such as Velux windows, soil vent pipes and the slope and elevation of the roof or façade. Contact The Metal Roof Company for full information and assistance: 0208 810 0120

A well designed Zinc roof can enhance any development.