Copper Metallic - RAL 8003

View our copper house Scotland project which uses our copper metallic lindab rainline gutter system with matching GreenCoat PLX roofing material! Call 0208 810 0120 to place your order!

Copper Metallic Lindab Gutter
Copper Metallic Lindab Gutter 2

Easy Installation

Every component in the Lindab Rainline System is manufactured to the highest standards and simply snaps together for ease of installation. No sealants are required for the installation process, which not only reduces environmental impact, but reduces risk of cracking and shrinkage of the material.

The strong surface coating ensures that the stunning copper look is maintained year after year, without the verdigris or oxidisation associated with natural copper. The best part? It’s all at a fraction of the price. Get in touch today with one of our trusted representatives to place your order. We supply lindab gutters and downpipes, as well as GreenCoat PLX throughout the UK: 0208 810 0120.

Copper Metallic Lindab Gutter 3
Copper Metallic Lindab Gutter 4

Unique rustic effect

The copper metallic lindab gutter range lends itself a unique rustic look, which looks fantastic matched against our copper metallic PLX range, both available from The Metal Roof Company today. Want some examples of our projects which use copper metallic gutters with matching GreenCoat PLX? Click here to view our copper house Scotland project and place your order today.