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Copper has been used since Roman times as a long lasting and attractive roof finish, particularly with its long lasting durability and resistance to water. In its natural, untreated form, copper sheets will react with the atmosphere to form a green patina, often referred to as antique copper or Verdigris. It may take many years for this initial metallic copper appearance to slowly change into this aged-green look.

Copper roofing sheets are an extremely versatile roofing material. The metal can be easily formed into Copper Shingles, facade panels and Copper cassette panels, this is usually done on site by the Copper roof installer.

The metal roof company has contacts with experienced and trusted metal roofers, whether you are doing a copper roof in Plymouth or an aged copper shingle project in Glasgow we can introduce you to a number of expert metal roofers to ensure your project exceeds your expectations.

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Copper Cladding Installation

The Metal Roof Company can assist in finding experienced Zinc, Copper and GreenCoat PLX roof and cladding installers.

Copper and metal roofers in London and throughout the UK will be familiar with the standard installation for Copper and Zinc. Depending on the chosen metal we can provide the architect or designer with appropriate detailing and advice.