GreenCoat PLX
GreenCoat PLX

GreenCoat PLX Zinc Roof Alternative

Thinking of a zinc standing-seam metal roof? if so, then think GreenCoat PLX Pro BT, Scandinavia’s tough, Eco-friendly roofing material.

Across Scandinavia, where winters are exceptionally cold and the summers are very hot, a zinc standing seam roof is not the material of choice, instead GreenCoat PLX, a high-quality coated steel is used to achieve a striking appearance. PLX can be installed using the same techniques as zinc or copper roof installations, but with temperatures as low as to -15 C, GreenCoat PLX is far less prone to underside corrosion, cracking and white rust. Greencoat PLX Pro BT, as supplied by The Metal Roof Company, is one of the greenest metal roofing products on the market and is certainly one of the best metal solutions for your standing seam roof. View our available colours for the GreenCoat PLX range.

Image 001 Rapeseed Field.jpg

Working with nature

Sustainable oils such as Swedish rapeseed oil are used in the production process …

…this Bio-based technology means that the steel is 100% recyclable, has a low energy impact

… and looks great!

GreenCoat PLX is a sustainable metal roofing material and a great zinc roof alternative. The material is an ideal choice for sustainable buildings and Passive homes.

Image 002-ice-falls-off-metal-roof.jpg

Tested by the elements

GreenCoat PLX can withstand exceptionally harsh temperature extremes. It is often used in the harsh climate of northern Scandinavia…

A zinc rich galvanised coating beneath the hard-wearing coloured finish helps to ensure a high colour retention along with UV radiation and corrosion resistance.

Today, this material, which is manufactured in Sweden by SSAB Swedish Steel, a globally respected producer of steel, is available in the UK and Ireland via The Metal Roof Company.

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Distinctive appearance

Whether you’re an architect, specifier, developer or home owner, GreenCoat PLX will ensure your project stands apart …

… market-leading material warranties, simple and straight-forward installation details which are supplied to your experienced metal roofer, all help ensure you achieve a great finish to your roof or façade.

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