Lindab Guttering

"Lindab Guttering is made from high-performance steel produced by the top European manufacturers, ensuring that these steel gutters and downpipes are lightweight, durable and long-lasting, making them the gutter systems of choice for both domestic and commercial use."


Benefits Of Using Lindab Guttering:

  • Extremely low thermal expansion

  • Wide range of sizes to suit commercial and domestic uses

  • Matches Lindab Seamline PLX standing seam metal roof sheets

  • Copper, Stainless Steel and vandal proof options available

  • 15 year warranty

  • Lowest CO2 life cycle impact compared to other materials used for rainwater systems.

  • An ideal alternative to zinc, plastic, aluminium and cast iron gutters and drainpipes.

  • Simplified construction - no specialist tools or skills are required; gutters and down- pipes simply push together with ease.




 Lindab guttering has a 70-year expected lifespan and has a cradle to grave CO2 and  overall eco-performance that exceeds materials frequently used in rainwater products  such as aluminium, zinc, copper, cast iron, galvanized steel and plastic.


Installation Of Lindab Rainline Guttering

Choosing the right rainwater system has never been easier.
— Lindab Sweden