Tile Red Lindab Gutter - RAL 8004

Tile Red Lindab Gutter
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Lindab Rainline - an ideal match for your roof…

Lindab gutters can be used for many different types of roof, whether it be large or small roof areas, classic or contemporary buildings, and for domestic or commercial use. Once your order is placed with us, we can put you in touch with one of our trusted installers who will ensure that you are satisfied with your gutter after installation. Lindab Rainline gutters are supplied with a 15-year warranty. Get in touch with The Metal Roof Company today: 0208 810 0120

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Low maintenance

The only maintenance required is an occasional wipe or wash down, guaranteeing a long service and allowing the gutter to maintain its elegant look under the sunshine. All Lindab Rainline products are supplied with a 15 year guarantee. Call The Metal Roof Company today and order your lindab gutter! 0208 810 0120