Zinc Cladding

Zinc has been used for hundreds of years to add beauty to a building. Zinc cladding differs in its application to the zinc sheets used for the roof area. Seam centres (i.e. the distance between the seams) are usually narrower for the zinc cladding used on the façade, helping to give a flatter, crisper look to the finished material.

Choice of substrate that supports the zinc cladding will also be important. The Metal Roof Company works alongside specifiers and zinc roof contractors to ensure that the best final appearance is achieved.


The tight seams used on the panels to clad this egg shape residence (see above) ensure a smooth, flat appearance. In addition, because the material is not profiled (as it would be on a standing seam zinc roof), the zinc shingle tiles avoid a rippled appearance.

Flatlock and shingle zinc tiles are fixed to the building using clips hidden behind the edge of the profiled tile. Industry fixings spaced according to manufacturers’ recommendations are also used. The Metal Roof Company can assist with design guidance for the width and positioning of your zinc shingle and flatlock tiles. Call us today on 0208 810 0120.

Zinc Cladding Brown