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A zinc roofer has installed grey zinc on this country project in the UK

Zinc Standing Seam - An ideal choice for a Zinc roof

Zinc is an ideal standing seam roof material and can be applied to many different types of roof. Zinc comes in natural (bright), pre-weathered and pigmented finishes. As a standing seam roofing material, it is ideal for architects, designers and home-owners that don’t want to wait whilst the natural bright zinc weathers away and forms a dusty grey appearance.

Many European and worldwide Zinc producers and now offering Zinc coils and sheets with pigmented, moisture resistant and coastal protection. These zinc sheets can be formed into shingles, cassette panels and flat-lock panels to clad any building style.

This Dutch Barn was clad using GreenCoat PLX in a Grey Zinc finish

This Dutch Barn was clad using GreenCoat PLX in a Grey Zinc finish

Correct Zinc Roof Installation Process

Zinc roofing contractors are familiar with the many installation methods required when using materials on different types of roof. Zinc Shingle tiles, Zinc Cassette panels and angled seam façade cladding panels can all be used in the installation process for metal roofers in the UK. Basic principles on a Zinc Roof build-up should be followed, with many designers choosing either a cold or warm roof approach.

Care should be taken during the metal roof design and installation process to ensure that the strict Zinc manufacturers installation instructions are adhered to. If there is trapped moisture present on the underside of the installed Zinc roofing sheets, natural airflow cannot easily remove this moisture, resulting in the formation of white rust which causes future problems. The Metal roof Company can assist designers with information on Zinc roofing installation, as well as colour and material choice.

The Metal roof company works with a trusted metal roof contractor network of over 100 trained and experienced standing seam metal roof installers. Standing seam Zinc roof installation uses traditional skills and techniques and requires specialist equipment and a considerable amount of skill.  Most of our trusted installers are members of the FTMRC, a trade body promoting training, skills and good practice within the industry. Call us today or submit an enquiry. For more information on zinc roofing call: 0208 810 0120


The Metal Roof Company, working with known and trusted contracters ….

we work with experienced Zinc, Copper and GreenCoat PLX metal roofers. We share design and installation techniques to grow the industry and give to a ggraet Zinc metal roof.

.. the metal roof company provided a great service on my Norfolk barn conversion. Their recommended zinc roofer did a first class job and we’ll be working with all again on our new Suffolk development featuring a Zinc roof and GreenCoat PLX cladding
— Jakob Mertz , Developer

Zinc Roof Questions & Answers

Q: What are the main advantages of a Zinc roof compared to other materials ?

A: A Zinc roof should have a long life, be resistant to corrosion and offer value for money in comparison to other types of metal roof products.

Q: I am a builder and have worked as joiner, can I purchase the Zinc and install the roof myself ?

A: Zinc roof installation demands a great deal of skill, we would not suggest that you attempt to do the install yourself. You would also need specialised machinery to fabricate the panels prior to fixing.

Q: How are the Zinc sheets fixed to the substrate ?

A: Special fixed and sliding stainless steel clips are used to fix the sheets to the substrate. The quantity and positioninng of these is important. Your local Zinc roof installer will understand the correct location for these.

Q: What is the recommended distance between the standing seams on a Zinc roof ?

A: As a general rule the roof sheets can be up to 600 mm between the standing seam centres. For aesthetic and technical reason the distance between seams on Zinc cladding should be less, 430 mm is a common width depending on the brand of Zinc used.

Q: I have had a quote for a Zinc roof which is over my budget, is there an alternative that will give a similar appearance and lifespan ?

A: Consider GreenCoat PLX Pro BT, this is a steel based metal roof material from Sweden with great Eco-credentials and a long warranted lifespan. Have a look at the Gallery page for inspiration